Friday, July 17, 2009

What deadline?

Must have gotten up on the right side of the bed today!! Okay, so I haven't yet made it to bed but the sentiment is still the same. The cosmic alignment or whatever was needed to make today possible blessed me today! Not only am I sitting here typing this post at 8pm with a completed costume (they are running late for once instead of me!) I have also supervised two showers, a trip to Target for a birthday gift, dropped two girls off at the birthday party, dropped Patrick off at work, gassed the lead sled, made a trip to the local dance supply store for last minute rhinestones, and picked up the Chinese dinner I am now savoring as I type. I picked up a MegaMillions lottery ticket in the hopes that today's good karma might possibly extend to that too!!! As soon as they pick it up I only have to go pick Patrick back up from work...easy peasy lemon squeezy! Since I cannot bend my mannequin to mimic her scoliosis it does look rippled and crooked in this shot but lays great on the real live body. I have not yet invested in the digital embroidery machine so all of the design work is done freehand on my industrial satin stitch machine. The dress is actually two separate pieces! The top has a parka zipper in back which allows it to be removed between dances giving the dancer a chance to cool down. The skirt is hung on a tank style bodice.
Back shot! Funny how the four gross of rhinestones didn't seem to pick up my flash...really sparkles in person.
Ahhhh, a few minutes to actually taste my dinner before hitting the road.


  1. LOVE It!!! Glad you made the deadline so you can start sewing for ebay again!! LOL!!

  2. you are a talent!!!! LOVE IT!

  3. OMG that is truly incredibly gorgeous Suzanne. WOWSER girl. What a beautiful outfit and glad you were able to enjoy the day and met your deadline ;-) She had to have fallen in love with that beauty dress of yours. Ahhh,sigh, to have such talent!!!