Thursday, July 16, 2009

So who's the slap happy one????

So you've read my tale of what life in our house is like while I'm in the midst of one of my crazy costume deadlines. My girls have been lucky this time to have had a couple of play date and sleepover invitations to break up the 'monotony' of their Mommyless days. Today, however, Mari let her true self show.... This would actually be get-up number two since I was 'pinned' down during #1's period I missed getting a picture. Sorry to say to the folks with fashionista toddlers who love to change clothes hundreds of times a day but not all of them will out grow it!! This summer marked the beginning of Mari's assignment to laundry room duty in the hopes it will cause her to rethink the multiple outfit changes per day!!
Yes, yet another new look! This child has always had a fascination with wigs. Come to think of it she's always had a sizable obsession with her hair period! Someday I must do a post showing her many phases of hair-do's!
As I sit here trying to gather enough energy AND interest to get back into the salt mine I thought I'd give you a little hint of what I've been working on this past week.
I MUST have this pile of red velvet and gold sequins assembled and 'stoned' (how we refer to the process of gluing down rhinestones) by 8pm tomorrow night!!! No back up plan possible as she hits the road for a double header of competitions this weekend at that time...and we can no longer zipper her old dress! Darn those 13 year olds and their propensity to mature....


  1. Mari ha so much personality!!! LOVE it!!!

    Happy sewing to you!!!!

  2. Tell Mari I'll have to send Arianna up there to play sometime. She LOVES dressing up too!!

    Can't wait to see the finished product!!