Sunday, July 19, 2009

This and that...

I'll start with my weather whine first to get it out of the way!! As I sit here typing this on this JULY morning it is not yet SIXTY degrees!!! The forecast projects that MAYBE we will hit the seventies today. Might even make it all the way to a whopping 72!!! Our summer has been very spring-like. A day here or there will shoot up into the high 80's or 90's but plummet right back down to the 60's. The pool pass will not give us our money's worth this summer. Small indication from Mother Nature on how the growing season is progressing. July 19th and this is all we have to show in the way of a cucumber! On the positive note, the vine is LOADED with these little fingerling's so maybe, oh maybe we will have fresh cucumbers in SEPTEMBER! Had a graduation party to attend yesterday. The weather was dicey but they lucked out in the end as no significant rain fell during the gathering.
As it was for one of my more distant cousins, the guys all opted to stay home to watch the British Open leaving the honors to us girls. You would be right to note that on JULY 18th the girls were wearing SWEATSHIRTS!!! Sigh....
As usual, the trampoline was a big hit! The body limit led to a LOT of impatient waiting especially when one's BFF/Cousin was on the trampoline when you were not.
Do you thing the boys are getting the hint from the girls?
This party was hosted by the Mexican branch of the family and they take their pinata preparations VERY seriously. Here Julia's blindfold is being checked from every angle!
Just out of sight in this picture but sort of in the next picture you can see what I mean by how seriously they take the pinata part of a party...a PERMANENTLY installed pulley and rope system is not found on every real estate listing sheet now is it?
You'd think these kids never saw sweets before with the way both big and small dove for the candy!
One little one found a new use for one of the arms of the pinata that had been whacked off.....
while another one used it to maximize her candy haul!!! As if the heavily iced cake had not been enough sugar for these guys???
Today we are off on one of our periodic "City Adventures" as Auntie Peggy calls the trips into Chicago. We both feel very strongly that our pampered suburbanite princesses need to develop a comfort in using public transportation and a sense of what the city has to offer. If I have any energy when we get home tonight I'll show you how we fared at the Dragon Fair!!!


  1. WHAT FUN!!!

    girl this weather is making me mad too!!GRRRRRR why am i wearing a sweater in july? LOL

  2. What a fun party and I am thinking the boys on the trampoline weren't quite caring about the eye piercing glares from the girls! I soooo thought the last picture was so funny with that huge smile with a pinata arm full of goodies! Too fun :-) So sorry about the weather. I'd send you some of ours but we've been getting tons of rain these days :-(