Thursday, July 9, 2009

Heads up!

My baby's home safe and sound!! I'll get a post up on her time at camp ASAP I promise. Just need to load my pictures AND take her camera to be developed. As soon as I scan her pictures into my computer I'll be armed and dangerous!!! Meantime, thought I'd let you see how I filled my 'lonely' days...... besides not having to keep to a regular schedule, I had a LOT more uninterrupted time in the salt mine. There was actually more outfits than this but they were already sealed into their mailing envelope waiting to go to the Post Office to head off to some special little toddlers in the south when I did the photo shoot!
Vanessa found this Dumbo material listed on e-bay for me! Miss Olivia and Miss Arianna will be sporting co-ordinating sundresses soon :)...too bad we missed their trip to the circus!!! I also got it in green.
Karma! Had this little black and white flower button in my stash which matched this little A-Line dress perfectly. I also played around with a new 'look' to the A-Line by making the front and back different. I simply reversed the placement of the prints but tied it all together with the mint green binding.
Found this Hannah Montana print for Vanessa...well Arianna actually. After making Arianna's little outfit I had enough left over to make a couple more for e-bay! Listed them on e-bay this afternoon and have decided to just put any that do not sell on my side bar until I force myself to face my Etsy phobia. Could use some extra Karma to get them sold so if anyone is sitting on a stockpile I'd love a donation of the positive kind of Karma!! Have about two months of food earned so far but I'd like to push on so when money gets tight at the back-to-school crunch I have some banked for the fall food baskets.


  1. I Love that DuMBO one!!! Abby is wearing the dress you made her 2morrow to the kiddie amusement park!!!! CUTE!

  2. wowser Suzanne, that's awesome. That dumbo is just soooo cute! Do you still want me to keep on looking for denim for you? I wasn't sure if you were still planning on making them too? I hope so, they're adorable and I am sending tons of karma that they sell at big prices so you can stockpile the money for the food.

  3. Sending some good vibes your way!! We need to chat because I have a couple of request to make for the girls to start pre-school with~~HUGS!! Tell Julia welcome home~ I'm still at my mom's!!