Friday, July 10, 2009

Can you say.....

PROCRASTINATION!!!! Instead of finishing off the dance costume who's deadline was moved to next Friday, instead of taking Julia's camera in to have the pictures developed, instead of doing the kazillion loads of laundry piled in my laundry room I decided to take a tidbit of information from Auntarie and whip out another Disney ensemble! Seems all the other addicts on her Disney chat group are gushing about having booked their Halloween vacations so guess where I went....... not the best lighting as the sun was nearly setting by the time I snapped this but you get the idea. I've had the swirl fabric with Mickey for almost a year and couldn't quite find a use for it until now!
It wasn't complete procrastination since I have an order for one of these trendy 'knot jumper' dresses you see in the e-Bay boutique stores and I needed to work out a pattern. This gives me the idea that I need to do something different with the shape of the strap so the knot will have enough substance to resist pulling through the buttonhole opening.
I do not know WHY I do this to myself? I know the scenario! Next week I'll end up having a couple of sleepless nights trying to get all my avoided work done in time and then it'll take a couple more days to recover from the sleep deprivation hangover....certifiably CRAZY! Maybe the asylum has a hot tub.......


  1. Love it..are you selling these on Ebay?

  2. LOVE IT SUZ and of course we are heading to MICKEY LAND next summer!!!! Of course I will just HAVE to buy some mickey outfits!!! Gosh you are good at that sewing thing (ok, maybe other areas too, hahahahahaha)
    Do you think you could put maybe two buttons on the back of each strap for adjustment (like my emily who is short body and katie who is longgggggggggg body)? Then leave the knots? I love that knot look. Really cute. Anyhoo, just thinking out loud!!! LOVE it.

  3. Suzanne, You must email me with the price so I can pay pal you some money'!! I need one like this for when the girls start preschool!!! TOO CUTE!!

  4. Beautiful!!! It is adorable!