Sunday, July 5, 2009

Gone Ridin'!!

No time to savor the holiday! This morning dawned bright with sunshine...finally!!! No sooner had the rays stroked our windowpanes when we heard Julia rustling around in her bedroom. The tonsils are gone, the allergy medicine is on board and working, the bags are packed, so look out horse camp here she comes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the essentials to keep an equestrian camper comfortable are shoved in her duffel and the bedroll is tucked in along with a pillow and the Little Elmos.
Cowgirls are tough!! Gotta carry your own gear if you're going to make it at horse camp.
Mom got in one last big hug and we hit the road west....into the wilderness as far as us city dwellers are concerned :)!
See what I mean?!?! Sorry for the poor focus but I still am not the master of my camera. As we pulled into the campsite we spotted the deer grazing alongside the camp fire pit. Just the kind of interaction with nature that every city kid long as the deer keeps his ticks to himself.
BFF/Cousin Deirdre was firmly on board when Julia announced the intention to go to horse camp as soon as they were old enough. As a matter of fact, Deirdre was the one that got the whole 'going to camp' ball rolling last year when they were only barely seven years old!! My heart was in my mouth when I agreed but sometimes a Mom has to ease the grip a little in order to let the wings stretch. This year was a lot easier but I'm still sporting a healthy case of heartburn.... anyhow, this is them waiting for their lice/foot fungus/ temperature inspection. Passed, OF COURSE!!
Then the big sisters and the Moms got to wait while they had their next step in the check-in process.....
Yep, the swim test! The two 'waterfront' counselors are from New Zealand and Australia!! Cool to have the international/cultural aspect at camp as well as the equestrian aspect. We tried to warn the counselors that it may in everyone's best interest to skip this 'test' since we knew they would 'fail' and be limited to the shallow end of the pool. They did! Finally, it was time to get their gear and move into their tent.
Roughing it this year!!!!!!!!!! The camp built a handful of cabins(sheds) and these ladies LUCKED OUT big time as they were assigned to one of the posh structures. Sarcastic as I may be I am relieved she will be sleeping behind screens since I had huge doubts of her actually tucking in the mosquito netting every night.
No cots either!!! The early bird gets the top bunk at this camp. See, quite 'shed' like in the construction but it has an electric ceiling light and a smoke detector and most importantly it has screened windows and doors!! The horse part starts tomorrow and I just hope Julia isn't so gobsmacked as to forget to use her camera!!!! Darn, meant to beg the counselors to snap a few photos of her riding.....sigh, maybe they take those wallet gouging professional shots????
We left our babies in the care of their counselors and made the trek home. Patrick does not 'get' this whole 'going to camp' phenomenon here in the States. He challenges the whole getting to spread the wings concept since he never slept anywhere but in his own bed until he was fifteen years old yet he flew to another country and started a new life just fine! I, however, started going to camp at 11yo. I LOVED going to camp. I went to camp until I was 17 years old and would have gone on to be a counselor except my mother called it 'slavery' and refused to sign the consent forms. I hope Julia continues to love camp.....better, since she's going to Teddy and Me camp in August :)!


  1. OMG how fun!! lucky girl..i never went to camp without my parents!! FUN!

  2. Horse camp....Cool!!!! How fun! I want to go too!!!!

  3. I know she's going to LOVE it!! Lee Jr. will leave for two weeks at the end of the month. A week at one camp home Sat and Sun and off again for another week! YIKES!

  4. What an amazing opportunity and what an incredible fun time she is going to have. Suck it up mom!!!! HUGS