Friday, July 24, 2009


All I have to say is this was one crazy week!! Not that I'm predicting any improvement for next week but one can dream, right? Spent FOUR hours at the ER with my Mom yesterday. More falls leading to more x-rays and unbelievably she has managed to escape with only deep bruises. Did learn a quirky new fact! Some marketing genius has developed a service where digital radiographs taken during the night shift here in the U.S. are read by a radiologist in Australia. Vice versa for x-rays taken on the night shift in Australia being read by an American radiologist. An ingenious way to reduce premium priced bonuses for calling a radiologist in on midnight shifts!!!! BTW, she is now being forced to use the new dining room as a bed room because us evil children erected a gate across the stairs which she cannot get open....sound familiar to the tot moms out there????? One smile from today...... All I can say is that at least I'm getting my money's worth out of that wig!! In trying to channel my rage at my NON-COMPLIANT Mother's antics I vented in the salt mine with pictures of a few of the creations posted for your pre-eBay viewing pleasure. If any of my readers would like to save me the eBay fees by buying direct feel free to shoot an e-mail to muingapat at sbcglobal dot net (sorry but I get too much spam already so substitute the appropriate signs where named!) I won't be listing these until tomorrow at which time you can find them with my eBay ID of drsilk1.
Size 7/8 Dumbo print knot style jumper perfect for the back to school crowd. I'm asking $15.
Size 7 two piece Halloween outfit done with a 'hidden' Mickey print and the iconic polka dots. The two back pockets are covered in the orange and polka dot prints and the shoulder tie ribbons have been heat sealed. Can separate into two outfits for the price of one by adding a tee to the jean capris or leggings to the pillowcase style top. Asking $25.
While this 2t-4t pillowcase dress 'might' be 'spoken for' I would tell anyone with any interest that I can make this style in any number of character prints! I have two cute Dora the Explorer prints that would just love to find that special little girl to grace. Asking $12 for this style.
See what I mean!! Another 2t-4t pillowcase style done in Julia's all time favorite character. The reason for the range is because the elastic stretches to fit that whole range of chest sizes and can be either a dress for the little ones or a top for the big ones. Oh I have some Scooby-Doo prints as well as some Halloween and Christmas prints that would work in this style as well!!!
Playing with some Dia del Muerte fabric to see if tot Moms will let their little ones wear skeletons! This outfit is done in a 2t-3t size and I can adjust the straps to a custom length before mailing it out. Asking $18 for the set.
The Dia del Muerte fabric done in a style for the school age crowd. This is one of the EUC denim skirts that Rhonda generously donated to my fundraising efforts to which I added the ruffle, belt, and covered the back pockets with the two prints. This outfit is done in a size 5 and I'm asking $25.
More of the 'hidden' Mickey print used in this size 4 Halloween set! This time I used a EUC pair of Old Navy khakis to which I added the appliques and ruffles. I'm asking $25 for this set as well.
Sent the money off to Guatemala for the food baskets!! Nice to know that Dona Josefa and Don Manuel will have enough food to keep their household fed until Christmas!! Now I'm starting on earning the funds for the Christmas Eve tamale fixings ...and the money to hire a local woman to make them! Dona Josefa has been so poor all of her life that she NEVER had the money to make the traditional holiday meal and therefore never learned how to make the special tamales! She told the shop owner that they were always one of the families that had to go door to door begging for a midnight tamale...and to think that was Mari's destiny if choices had been different!!!!!!


  1. OMG you are such a talent....I WOULD LOVE TO buy the Spongebob dress for my abby that is her fave show!!! I will email you!!!

    As for DAy of the dead a lady on Etsy made a GREAT looking dress for my girl and she wears it all the time!!!!!!! LOVE IT!

  2. Oh I LOVE them!! I definetely want a Spoonge Bob too!!

  3. YOU already know I have dibs on the Spongebob ones!!! BUT I also want Scooby Doo. That one is Katie's alllllll time hero!!! Emily is more the BOB BOB but Katie's is SCOOBY and SHAGGY!!! LOL they are a hoot! So you know get me two of each!

    HANG in there. I know things are tough now so keep the chin up and I so laughed and laughed when I saw the wig, LOL still chuckling! I somehow prefer that beautiful black hair!!!!

  4. wow. those outfits are beautiful. something I've always wanted to take up is sewing. I guess I'll have to go back and look for the post on the wig.