Monday, July 6, 2009

Dear Julia,

The instructions from your camp say we aren't allowed to write and tell you how much we miss you! I'm not supposed to tell you that Mari and I found it freakishly quiet around the house today. I'm not supposed to tell you that your biggest adversary had trouble falling asleep last night because you weren't there to whisper jokes when you were supposed to be falling asleep. I can't explain how as much as she likes to boss you around she also likes to protect you and take care of you!!
Specifically I was told not to ask if you were homesick! I can't even ask if you are sad or missing us....
Daddy isn't allowed to tell you how much he misses the snuggles with his little Jewels and
Mommy can't tell you how much I miss the tickles and giggles!!!
I'm not supposed to ask if you're eating enough but they didn't say I couldn't ask if you are making healthy choices!!
They also did NOT forbid me to mention that it would be nice if you left some for Deirdre to eat!
Nope, I'm not supposed to ask if you're having trouble sleeping though I think I do still get to nag about keeping the screen door closed and your bug spray handy.
I also get to ask how you like the pool and how often do you get to swim!!
Surely, I can ask how you like the horses!!! I'm pretty sure it's safe to mention that I hope you're having a blast riding a real horse?
So, my little cowgirl, even though Mom is having a tough time 'sucking it up' (per Rhonda's advise) I would like to say HAPPY TRAILS TO YOU!!!! p.s. hurry home!!!!!!


  1. awwww this post made me cry..THANKS ALOT! LOL

    Children get big sooo fast!!!


  2. She'll be home soon and then it'll be my turn to call you because I'm missing my little man!! I'll only have him home for two days within a two week period!! YIKES!!

  3. I soooo loved this post Suzanne and having had to let go when my first born went to camp, I know exactly how you felt!!!! The house just seems so bare and now with one moved out, it's taken some time to really think he's on his own and here it all started with camp!!!! I'm glad you "sucked it up" and know that she will be home b/4 you know it!!!!